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NewMoney is the best solution to spread your message to the Italian audience interested to the epayment market and cashless culture.



BE AWARE OF THE FIRST ONES! – It’s been since 2010 that our team has been talking about the market of digital instruments of payment.
Not only were we the first ones in Italy to dedicate an entire site to the topic of ePayment, but we were also the ones who chose to speak directly to the non-specialist audience, building consensus around the digital instruments of payment and fuelling a responsible use of cash..


DISCLOSE AND INFORM – The feature that makes us unique is our ability to present the theme of electronic payments in a lighter and academic manner because to widely spread a message you do not need to build an “exclusive lounge.” NewMoney aims straight to the public and consumers.

there are different ways to be present on new money, from adv to palimpsest

Do you want to talk about your company, your product, or an event? NewMoney is present on the network in many ways to modulate your investment in the most effective manner:

  • POST – we create the news together, from the raw material or a press release, and then we insert it in the flow of our posts.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT – NewMoney has created an extensive presence on the major social networks, enabling it to amplify the news and strengthen its position in mainstream activities.
  • ADV – we propose banners positioned in the Home Page and within posts.
  • MASSIVE MAIL – We will spread your message, exclusive and set according to the style of NewMoney, directly in the email of all the subscribers to our newsletter, and then we will tell you how many of the over 5000 contacts have reacted to the launch.